We at the Branchburg Car Care Center recognize how difficult it can be for non-profit organization and schools to raise much needed funds to support important activities. In a time when there’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it in, what better service to provide than a carwash! We would like to give you the opportunity to have a fundraising event for your organization or team (charity or team sponsorships etc).

Additionally, they’ll be doing something that is not only good for our environment, but also contributes to water conversation. Did you know that professional car washes treat their water and dispose of it properly? This helps prevent car wash wastewater from contaminating our rivers, lakes, oceans and our drinking water!

(Available April 1st- September 30th)

The Branchburg Car Care Center is happy to offer our professional carwash establishment and name for community carwashes.

One day per month we will share our car wash facility with your organization or team in the community to help them fundraise and we will donate some portion of the car wash revenue from that day.

We will provide the trained carwash employees needed to perform the driving, prewash prepping, and hand mitting on the carwash conveyor.

The Community Fundraising Group will provide the personnel to perform the vacuuming and finish drying and cleaning.

Charity Coupon Program

We will provide your group with a personalized car wash pre-paid card for your volunteers/members to distribute.

This pre-paid card will be redeemable for its package value services from us. This pre-paid card is available with any car wash package such as Exterior, Exterior package, Full, Deluxe, Super, and Ultra Car Wash service.

This car wash package pre-paid card is sold as at regular price and you can save some portion amount by selling directly to your members and etc.

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